Summer Summer Summer--Part 1

Holy smokes this summer is careening by! I've been traveling so much I haven't had a moment to sit down and tell all of you what's been going on. We had an exchange student from Mexico for 2 weeks in June. She is the daughter of Lupita who was an exchange student at my parent's house in 1989. Cool, huh? Here we are at Finding Dory. Go see if you haven't.
Little Man had a couple goldfish that got too big for his tank. A woman in our neighborhood was kind enough to release them into her pond.
We drove to MN to visit Bagette Dad and other relatives. Long drive. But, we got to see lots of family and go to the Mall of America in the process.
While in MN, I got to see the "U Crew" which are my college friends from the University of MN. We all lived in the dorm together. The blonde in the middle was my roommate for over 5 years! Love these ladies.
Speaking of the U of MN, Big Girl did a week long, wonderful program there call Women Mean Business. She absolutely loved it and made some great friends.
I got to cuddle with my littlest niece. The one I made this quilt for a while back. Man, I haven't made a quilt in forever.
 My big sister turned 50 and we threw her a party! :)
 We left MN and took a driving tour of South Dakota. First stop, Corn Palace in Mitchell. Of course!
 We found an old school playground that still had a merry-go-round! Little Man was in heaven.
Oh the Badlands, be still my heart. I love that place!

 Clowned around at Wall Drug.

 Buffalo spotting in Custer, SD.
 And, the last stop before heading home was Mount Rushmore.
Great trip but good to be home…for three days…then on to California! More soon. Teresa

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