Summer Summer Summer--Part 7 (final!)

For the end of our CA adventure, we flew down to Anaheim to take in Disney for 2 days. We had four passes so I graciously bowed out of going to the park. Note: I really hate rides and crowds… I found my own "theme park" at a couple fabric stores. M&L Fabrics was amazing! 
They had rows upon rows of bolts of fabric that were only $2.98/yard! And, they weren't cheap fabric either, most of theme were Robert Kaufman!
Of course, after all that shopping I had to treat myself to a cocktail, right?
Here's my haul, nearly 40 yards worth. Everything was from M&L except the red and black elephant fabrics. Those were from another store.
I have big plans for all of this! I do, I do! Teresa


Nataliia Popova said...

Ohhh, please let me know, if bag with deers (bottom right) will be available ;) It's soooo cute.

quiltmom anna said...

Wow what a terrific collection of fabrics you found in this shop- it must have been like a kid in a candy store.. LOL
Thanks for sharing your adventure - happy playing with your treasures..
Warmest regards,

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Nataliia--I'll be making pouches out of that one that will be available in my etsy shop.

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...


Thanks! It really was a kid in the candy store. I had no idea what to expect so you can imagine my great surprise to find all that wonderful fabric so cheaply. I went back the next day too once we figured out how I could get it all back home without paying for an extra bag or postage. :) I've already cut into most of them!