Photo Finish Friday

Park near my house.
Arg. So sad.

I'm all in! Except for the price tag. :(

Good news!

Little Man would love these.

Super cute DIY.

To make, and dip in chocolate!

Reading this book. So interesting! Bagette Dad would like it.

We have a busy weekend coming up. Volleyball, Lacrosse, Homecoming, etc. Whew! I still haven't wrapped my head around the fact that I have 2 kids in high school. They were SO tiny when Green Bag Lady started in 2008. Sigh. Teresa


Bagette Dad said...

Not to mention the 200th FREEBIE starting tomorrow.

Nataliia Popova said...

Wow, 200th Freebie! I'm waiting for it =) I bet it will be something extraordinary =)))))))
I will participate!