Photo Finish Friday

Little Man as a "hunter dude" on Halloween. Note that his treat bag is one of the FIRST Green Bag Lady bags that I ever made! I made it after hubby declared that all the floral bags were not very manly. :)
I need to make this!

So very sweet.

I want to visit this. We almost went last summer but it wasn't open the day we could go. Bummer.

Hubby should fly me around so I can take photos!

Yum! (I want to try a gluten free version.)

A shirt for me.

Hello weekend, what's up? Friday snuck up behind me and tapped me on my right shoulder while I was looking left. It's been that kind of week. I did enjoy watching a lot of baseball though, go Cubs! My kids have a half day today, I have a pile of sewing and an even bigger pile of laundry. XOXO--Teresa

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