Washington State Chapter Update

Hi Teresa,

Bell and I met today and made and distributed more bags. The last time we were together was in July. Bell wanted to take off in August, and I went to Maine in September. October didn't work out to get together.  She is planning to come to my place in Edmonds in December, and we have a January date on the calendar.

I recently went through my personal stash of fabric and made bags from fabric I've been hauling around from Maine, TN, CO and WA. Now they have a new life, and my load is lighter.  I gave bags to my French Conversation Group here in Edmonds last night, and I have bags ready to go for the neighbors in my condo building. I figured that with the holidays upon us, it would be nice for folks to have a new bag for either shopping, gifting, or as wrapping for a gift. Glenn has distributed many bags to colleagues at Cascadia College where he works. 

I went to JoAnn Fabrics today and bought thread with the $15 gift certificate you so kindly gave me. Thanks again for that kind gift. A woman at the church on Whidbey Island gave us $20 today, and I told Bell to keep it and buy thread for herself.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Coordinator Washington State Chapter

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