Photo Finish Friday

HUNDREDS of geese flying during carpool pick up on Tuesday. Hundreds.
Let's all keep our fingers crossed that this is true and viable.

Crazy cool. 

To make. Soon!

This too!

I can barely look at the photos much less see it in person. Ugh.

How Stamps Are Made

I've been in the kitchen all day making cut out cookies and decorating them with the kids. Really such a fun part of Christmas. I made Hanukkah ones too as we will be going to good friends to celebrate with them on Wednesday. I love making them all! We are going to church tomorrow evening then I'm making pizza on the grill, you know, just like the original Christmas Eve. HA! We have guests coming Sunday for more festivities. The kids are super excited about it all. Happy Happy Holidays! Enjoy time with your families! Teresa

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