Workday Wednesday

This is really a continuation of the last post, AKA "Special Orders Part II." I'm having more fun making presents for people. I really love this. One of my friends ordered this cute kitty bag for her daughter who is cat crazy. She thought it would be great for all her art supplies. I agree, though I originally made the pattern as a lunch tote.

These 2 stand up pouches were purchased by one of my neighbors for herself. I kinda love when people come and buy things for others but fall in love with items for themselves. She intends to use them as travels bags. Perfect.
A small pouch, always fun. Love this fabric so much. The yard I once had has dwindled to almost nothing. :(

And, this idea has been rattling around in my head for a while. First aid pouches! Perfect for on the go in a backpack, diaper bag, purse, suitcase, etc. This one is specifically for a tennis bag. Duh. I'm gifting it to one of the pros at the community center where I take lessons.
 The back…
I've filled it with goodies. I'm now thinking I should add some chocolate. I mean, most ills can be cured with chocolate, no? This pro is a guy, but the female pro will get hair binders, lotion and I'll replace the Chap Stick with lip gloss. I'm thinking if I gifted it to a friend it would include sunscreen and Neosporin too.
And, I'm tearing up as I type this. This girl, Big Girl is 18 today. 18. 18?? 18!! I. Can't. Even. She was so very little when I started Green Bag Lady almost 9 years ago. I love her so much. So much.
That's all. Think I'll crawl back in bed and hibernate for a while. I'm the parent of an adult. Sigh. Teresa


Galina Dmitrivna said...

Oh, Yes!Children grow up very quickly. I have three of them, the youngest only one year, and I'm enjoying every minute of it. Because soon he will grow up and all......

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

They do grow up incredible fast. Of course, I didn't believe it when people told me that when mine were little!