Photo Finish Friday

One last pic from our trip to Mexico. I miss it!
Great upcyclying!



I might ask for this for my birthday.

My mom used to make something like this. I should make some of these for a new friend.

Have you heard? Love. Of course.

It's Friday. Last Friday I was on the beach in Mexico celebrating 15 years of Little Girl. Time flies, so very fast. We have a 3 day holiday weekend upon us. My goal is to get all the Christmas decor packed up. I have it all down and scattered in my dining room. Now to get it in bins. Every year I tell myself I'm going to go through it and get rid of things I don't use/need/like, but I wind up getting lazy and just shoving it all back in the bins. Sigh. You? What's going on with you? Big plans for the holiday weekend? XOXO--Teresa

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