ANNOUNCING: Concow, California Chapter

Introducing a new Green Bag Lady chapter in California coordinated by Emilia! YAY! I'm so excited. I can tell by these photos that Emilia and I would get along just fine! She's adorable and makes great bags too! Kudos to her for stepping up and starting this chapter. Emilia, you are awesome! Teresa

I gave some bags away today at a pig roast! Me in the red jacket. My three year old took some of the photos. I'm very glad to be a Bag Lady!!

Concow Chapter Coordinator

P.S. A link to her debut on Facebook HERE.


Emilia said...

I'm honored to be a Bag Lady! Fabric and glass and metal for life! No plastic PLEASE

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

We heart you Emilia! XOXO

Experience Mag said...

love te bags