Photo Finish Friday

Cool rainbow around the sun on Tuesday
Tear jerker.

I really need to use my spiralizer more.

Crazy, man!

Wow! Little Man would go nuts.

My kids would love this.

Finished this book recently. Have you read it? So good.

Go go go, that's how I feel. After last weekend in MN with Big Girl looking at the University, then back here to get some sleep before the week started. Every day has been a zoo! Yesterday I had a cute little Girl Scout troop here to make bags. So fun! I'll share photos next week. Last night, another U of MN event in Denver. I think that Big Girl is very close to making a decision to go there. Yay! I'll keep you posted. We now have company in town for the weekend. I'm getting a much needed massage this afternoon. What's happening in your corner of the earth? Teresa

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