I mentioned last week that my cousin and family were here for spring break. We had such a great time. We don't get to see them often which made it more special. Activities included skiing, tubing, aquarium visit, sleigh ride, movies and more! On Friday we were supposed to go to an outdoor train museum but the weather was awful. Instead, we opted for a day in. We made Monster Clotheslines of course. Complete with bathtubs…

 Then we made bags! Duh. Here are the littles coloring solid color bags.
 And, I taught them to sew handles on too.
 They each got 2 bags. How cute are they? I'm so lucky to be related to them!
 Monday Little Girl and I went to the Ariana Grande concert in Denver. Fun! I made our shirts…
As we were driving home from the concert, the snow started. We woke up to several inches! And, it kept coming. YAY! We are so dry here, we will take the water in any form possible. :)
I hope you are having a great week! Teresa

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