Photo Finish Friday

My friend Kim and her Green Bag Lady bag! LOVE!

So cute.

I don't have time for my own natural dyes this year so opted for this.

Again, if I had time, these would be so cute! Next year…

Speaking of eggs, I could SO own one of these.

This is my kind of post.

As I was walking into the grocery store yesterday I saw someone carrying a bag I made. I then realized it was my friend (and tennis partner) Kim. What does it say about me that I noticed the bag first?? Ha. I made her pose for me with said bag. Good job Kim! I'm still barely keeping my head above water over here. Hoping tennis this morning will help relieve some stress. It's going to be a PACKED weekend too. Tonight is all about After-Prom set up. Tomorrow Little Man has 2 volleyball games, then it's prom pics and church. And, of course Sunday is Easter. Whew. Wish me luck! Teresa

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