Photo Finish Friday

Big Girl's graduation announcement. I love love love it! It was designed by one of my former students. I printed out several 5"x7" to mail out and one 20"x30" ($10! At Costco) to use at her graduation party. Lauren uses a profile pic to make the cameo and designs the rest around your specifications. LOVE!!!
I'm not super into fashion, but I would LOVE to sew with these fabrics!

I love the bedroom "wallpaper!"

Eye candy.

My kind of thing.

Recently bought these, oh my soooo good! 3 ingredients. THREE!

Next time you stay at a hotel request they do this.

Take me there!

Aaaaaand, cutest thing ever at my Whole Foods! (reminds me of the time Bagette Dad rescued baby ducks from a storm drain)

Another week. Blimey, where does the time go? I am still so busy with prom, wedding, and other alterations, it's making my head spin. I'm going to be so happy to have some down time. My kids are tired of school, the weather is chilly and spring isn't quite here which makes the general mood a tad grumpy around here. I have my sights set on lazy summer days, homemade lemonade and grill pizza parties. You? Teresa


harmony said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! What a lovely announcement!!!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Thanks Harmony!