I am so very pleased to introduce you to Olive. She lives in New Zealand (and has a fabulous accent, I'm sure!) and has just started our very first chapter there. Yippee! I'm so excited! New Zealand is a place I have been wanting to visit for many years. Well, I think Olive might be the perfect excuse to hop across the pond to the Land Down Under vicinity, don't you think??

Olive won the tie dye butterfly bag in this freebie and we started having a conversation. She was already making a lot of great bags and is obviously a talented sewist. And, she sounds absolutely darling. I love what she says below about fabric propagating, the same thing happens to me! We are thrilled to pieces to have her on board to help make her corner of the planet a greener place. Thanks Olive! Teresa
 Some of the bags she has already made…
 The carrots! LOVE the carrots!
Hi Teresa--

I love to sew and my quilting fabric seems to propagate every time I leave the room. I also make cloth bags but put most of them in operation Christmas child shoe boxes to encourage the use of reusable bags there. I use reusable bags when shopping, some bought, some given as gifts and some giveaways from supermarkets. I have been making some for my friends and family  for their birthday presents too. For some reason my bags are always being given away.

Here are nine bags now I have added 3 more this morning.  Just finished a carrot fabric bag. Just used carrots on one side and plain calico on the other and handles.

Olive R.
Chapter Coordinator, New Zealand

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