Our "Frenemy" the Sun

You know I love the sun. I mean, we wouldn't be here without her (him?), but a burn is nasty no matter how you spin it. And I, of pasty skin and pale demeanor, have to take precaution every time I'm within her (his?) rays. When I have an outdoor tennis match, I lather up quite extensively.

I did a post some years ago about sunscreen and it's time to chat about it again, don't you think?
I've been a big fan of Alba and Badger natural sun protection brands for years. In fact, if I have my choice, I pick a 45spf or higher of Alba. It goes on nicely, smells good and soaks in well. All factors important to me. This article at Reviews.com does a great job of explaining all types of sunscreen and their picks for top ones. It's worth a read if you are on the hunt for a new favorite.

It's finally summer! Let's get out there and keep our skin healthy while enjoying our beautiful planet. XOXO--Teresa

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