Photo Finish Friday

Remember I posted THIS last week? We went and visited her!!!!

Thinking of trying this. Anyone?

I have a thing for these.


Yes please.

Refresh what is already in your closet!

To make!

So this is getting posted a bit late. My day got away from me for a variety of reasons. I'm not naming names, but let's just say it was a bit of a rough morning with a certain male child of mine. He couldn't find his homework. We scoured the house, literally. It was finally found in hubby's truck. Grrrrrr. Anyway, the day got better as it went along! My friend Meg is visiting who is Green Bag Lady Los Gatos, CA chapter. Yay! I'm at a sale in my neighborhood tomorrow selling TeresaMade items. Looking forward to meeting some new peeps. What are you up to? Teresa

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