Shopping Bags

I decided to poke around the internet world and see what was cool in the area of reusable shopping bags. Of course, I'm not in the market as I have SO many. But here are some thoughts for those of you who need a few more.

Hubby would love these as they stand up. Reasonable price. $7/each.

These are plain but sturdy. Good price. $5.50/each.

Again, these are great because they stand up and are easy to load. They also look very sturdy. Decent price. $6.50/each
These are very cute and come in a set of 3. I like how they zip into themselves to easily carry in a purse or a pocket. Many cute designs! Very reasonable at $5/each.

This upcycled bag is adorable. Of course, I'm a sucker for elephants. But at $38 even the elephant wouldn't make me buy it.

I'd love to know your favorite shopping bags (aside from Green Bag Lady, or course!) do tell! Teresa

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