Workday Wednesday

Lots of quality sewing time going on here. Made some eye pillow covers for a friend out of some Harmony Fabric.
 Made a christening gown from a grandmother's wedding dress. So fun! I love this kind of project.
In case you are interested, the wedding dress was a very simple cotton brocade so very easy to work with. I used an entire cuff of buttons for the back. I love how it turned out!
 Close up of the front. I seem to have lots of lace hanging around my sewing room, awesome to get to use it for something!
 This is a button from the other sleeve. Now, I need to work on the bonnet and booties. :)
 And, made a stack of 70 white cotton bags. Why? To tie dye of course!
Big Girl and I are teaching a tie dye/macrame course at this camp. I can't wait to see how they turn out! Teresa

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