New Zealand Chapter UPDATE

I'm so excited to show you these great bags from our New Zealand Chapter. Both Bagette Olive and Bagette Cathy have been biz making amazing bags! Look at how great they are. I'll let Olive and Cathy tell you the details of them below. Keep up the great work ladies, they look fantastic! Teresa

Hi Teresa, 

This is a Moa fabric bag. The moa was a large flightless bird which became extinct in NZ before Europeans came here. It was a food item for Maori. This one is moa fabric one one side unbleached calico on the other side.
3 bags which are made from kiwi fabrics:
The multi patterned one has kiwi owls or more ports kiwi bird fanatics and native flora.
The middle one has pukeko bird I wetland setting with flax. 
The red one is the kaka beak tree with its red flowers.
The bags made from patchwork bags I have lined behind the patched front with calico to reinforce the stitched seams.
 These bags are for my quilt house group from blocks donated to me by one of the members. 
Bagette Olive

Teresa, I've been making bags for our little bread shop and the library. 
We made these in about forty minutes after visiting our little bread man this morning. He was surprised and delighted with our contribution. The graphics are just permanent marker on calico.
I did the overlocking, and Ellie did the straight sewing, including making and turning the handles. Not a bad effort.😊✂️
Bagette Cathy

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