Workday Wednesday

Some things to share this week. I made Big Girl a large laundry bag for college (!) I still can't wrap my head around the fact that she will be leaving in a couple of weeks. She picked out this fabric and I added a draw string and some handles. I always hated it when my laundry bag was so full and hard to carry. I added her initial too. Such a mom I am!
 My friend Meg is modeling it here for me.
 And, a special order of 10 tennis ball pouches. They are fun to make!
Do tell what you are up to! Teresa


Lori said...

Great projects. love the bag for your daughter. We went through it three times with college. Our daughter once and our son once to college and second to grad school.
I had the emotions each time. I loved watching them grow into special adults.
For me, these were special times and wouldn't have changed them. Lots of luck for both you and your daughter. Tip: let the emotions flow. Let her see and hear how you feel, it is good for both of you. I always felt better afterwards. Helped me to keep perspective.
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Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Thanks Lori. I'm finishing up a quilt for my daughter to take to college too. It's so weird that she will be off in another state soon.

Thanks for all the advice, I appreciate it! :)