New Mexico Bag Event

I sent some bags to Bagette Jessie in New Mexico for her to give out at her local farmer's market at a kids table. She had the kids paint (!!!) on the bags. How cool is that? I've had kids draw on bags with crayons and markers but not paint. The kids are so cute and sweet. Look at the great card that Jessie sent with signatures from the littles. Made my day! Thanks Jessie, keep up the great work! Teresa

Hey! I meant to send these to you sooner, sorry. Our bag painting at the Roswell farmer's market was super successful. We had over 60 kids paint bags and I gave away a lot to parents that day as well. Thanks for making this possible!

Jessie Hansen
Chapter Coordinator
Roswell, NM


Tami C said...

Oh my goodness! That really looked like a lot of fun for everyone! Great job Jessie!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

I agree Tami, super fun!