Photo Finish Friday

My free tree this year. Kinda Charlie Brownish in stature but it was free from a friend who owns 300+ acres of land.
Need help wrapping presents? My tips. 

Pole images.

Heart these.

To do!

Cute jammies.

From the top down. Cool!

Happy Holidays to one and all. I hope Hanukkah was lovely for all my Jewish friends. Merry Christmas to those who celebrate. As you can see we are all decked out and did the cookies yesterday. I have been done shopping for a while now as I did most of it online. I used to love going to the mall and picking things out but now it's a chore for me and I hate crowds. Wishing you all the best this weekend and hope it is lovely for you and yours no matter how or what you celebrate! Hugs + Merry + Happy everything! Teresa


Nita said...

Happy holidays, Teresa! This year I sewed tiny drawstring bags to hold all the stocking stuffers instead of using tissue paper. After, I figure I can store all the mini bags right inside the stockings themselves so they don't get lost for next year. Bonus: the stockings are a lot easier to stuff this way! (Yes, I pre-stuff the stockings, lol. We're all adults so no spoilers). Thank you for everything you do. You are an inspiration.

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Oh how nice! I love the idea of tiny bags.

Thank you for reading Nita :)

Cheers! Teresa

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