A Cactus Birthday

As I told you on Friday, Little Girl turned 16 on Saturday. I still can't believe it. She adores cacti and succulents and is always wanting new ones for her bedroom. To celebrate her, we were inspired by this party and decided it would be a fun theme for a birthday too! I needed a cactus cookie cutter and put a call out on my neighborhood Facebook page. Not only did I find one but the owner gave it to me as she had never used it and didn't think she ever would. Score! Thanks neighbor!

 The cookies and cupcakes were such fun to make. Yummy too!

 I found these reusable party bags for super cheap at Target after Christmas. Another score!
This is what went in the party bags. I made the little cactus pouches (how cute is that fabric? I did make some extras that I will post on TeresaMade soon if you want one). We got the cacti at Home Depot and they happened to be 4 for $10 AND the cute hand towel was from Walmart for 88 cents. What?
Here are all the pouches I made for her friends. They loved the fun party bags. We went out for Mexican food which was also theme appropriate.
It was a fun party and the girls were so sweet to have over. A true sweet sixteen for sure. :) Teresa


Lori said...

this is wonderful. I love it when something like this just comes together so well.

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

I really love how it all came together too Lori, especially since it was such good deals! :)

harmony said...

Oh my goodness.... will you be MY mother?!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

I'll throw you a cactus party anytime sweet Harmony! :)