Photo Finish Friday

Throwback to a 2016 when I visited the orchid farm with Harmony. I needed some color today!
This is so very cute & reminds me of time Bagette Dad caught 2 bats in my Nashville house!

Crazy stuff.

Looks yummy.

And these too! Maybe tomorrow??

Oooooh, pretty!

You had me at cheese.

We don't have much going on this weekend and that's a plus. I feel like things have been too crazy lately. Little Girl and I might sneak to the mall for a but as I still have exchanges to do from Christmas. Eek! I guess I'm a wee bit behind. I hope your weekend is lovely and relaxing. XOXO--Teresa

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harmony said...

Miss you! Thanks for the flashback. I hope you got some rest this weekend. Your link to nachos is making me very hungry!