Photo Finish Friday

Looks like a painting, no? Just a photo I took before carpool pickup. It's the sun, not the moon…
Seriously, Mother Nature, you are amazing.

Edible straws + spoons! Thanks Wendy.

Scary stuff.

I would love this for Valentine's Day.

For the big game.

My kids would go bonkers for these.

I'm not normally a football person but am going to go to a Super Bowl party on Sunday. Just because and the half time show is Justin Timberlake (JT!) which will make it worth it. I plan to work my way through a stack of 1/2 done pouches today and tomorrow so I can update my supply on TeresaMade. It's kinda sad on there right now. I hope you have a lovely weekend. Little Girl is recovering from a bad cold (whatever nasty that is going around) so I'm hoping she gets lots of rest. XOXO--Teresa

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