Photo Finish Friday

Bunny tracks in my yard today!
These sound intriguing + yummy!

And these!

And this!

Speaking of food, I ordered some of these. I wish everything was made with natural dyes.

Wow. Read the captions.

Such amazing photos! Lookin' good Mother Earth!


I am simply devastated by this. Enough is enough.

What have you been up to? I've been working on a lot of alterations this week and some special orders. I keep forgetting to take photos to show you. Soon! I've also finished a ton of pouches and will be update my etsy shop soon. I took down the handful of heart decor in my house and replaced it with shamrocks. Since my kids have gotten older I haven't been getting out holiday decor except for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It was fun to open the Valentine/St Pat's bin and take a look. I've decided to only decorate with what I can carry in one trip up the stairs. Taking down hearts was easy and I've found a renewed sense of fun in the festive decor. I'm enjoying the green! Have a lovely weekend. Hugs--Teresa

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