Photo Finish Friday

Photo by Gary Moore, a pilot who lives in my neighborhood. I live in a heart!!
Love this!

This really needs to be my goal this year. Maybe if I start planning now.

Ooooh, I need to make this!


Great idea for old jeans. Even use the pockets! (sew them down so no tripping though!)


I'm so happy to learn that I live in the heart in the photo! Seriously made my day! :) Lots of sewing for me today including finishing a quilt top for a super special baby. I'll share pics next week. Also, there is an 80s theme birthday party coming up in my neighborhood and lots of dresses need altering. Off to sew. I hope all of you had a great week. Hugs from windy Colorado--Teresa


harmony said...

The fact that YOU live in a heart is so poetically perfect I can hardly stand it!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Thanks Sweet Harmony!