Photo Finish Friday

Coral heart at the beach in Mexico.

Cool! (thanks Harmony) I know Cindy of Trash Walking Moms will love it!

The flower stools!

Beautiful reusable lunch items.

I'd love to do this with my hair.

I have to make this.

Little Girl loves this, we should make our own!

And, from Bagette Jessie!

Ah, the weekend again, bring it! Little Girl has a tennis match this afternoon and I'm working on prom dresses (it never ends!). However, tomorrow night we get to have pizza on our neighbor's deck. They have a wood fired pizza oven and the pies are out of this world good. They make a truffle mushroom I want to marry. When I'm not scarfing that down, I'll be sewing. You? XOXO--Teresa

1 comment:

harmony said...

You know I love the found hearts!!!
I can braid your hair like that for you... and I have a scoby and we can make kombucha when you are here if you want to. I haven't used it in years . . . wonder if it ever goes "bad"? Anxiously anticipating your arrival in July!