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This warms my heart SO much. Pat makes personalized Green Bag Lady bags for the people in her life. I just LOVE that! And, she is the cookie lady at her local fire station. How cool is that???? Go Pat. You are lovely, amazing, warm, generous and caring. We should all aspire to mimic you! Teresa

Hi Teresa,

I thought you might get a chuckle out of some of the bags I have recently made.  I decided to make some bags as gifts for Easter as well as other bags.  The fabric is expensive but so very cool for gifts for my friends and loved ones.

The bags with books is for my dear friend who LOVES to read.  My daughter-in-law LOVES fried bacon so I made her a couple of bags with fried bacon fabric.  She laughed when she saw them and is looking forward to using them at the Trader Joe's store. :-)  A friend of my son's was at the Easter party and he was talking about his experiences trying to use fabric bags and people who keep trying to give him plastic bags.  I have found some great masculine fabric and I will be making him some bags.  He was so impressed that I had made the bags and I told him about your program.

I am known in my town to the firefighters as the "Cookie Lady". I deliver cookies (cake, brownies, muffins, etc.) to them a couple of times a week and have done so for almost 16 years (with breaks for health, deaths in the family, weather, etc. issues).  The cookie fabric is for me.  My neighbor and her daughter love pugs and have had one for years.  As one goes to puppy heaven, they get another one.  They loved their bags, too!  I have some dachshund fabric for my sister-in-law and her sister-in-law that will be their gifts at Thanksgiving time.

Each person gets a history of the Green Bag Lady and your program and a pattern just in case they want to make bags on their own.

I hope all is well with you and your family!  It looks like you had a fabulous get away to Mexico!  Very Cool!

Take care!

~~~Pat Doucette

Hopkinton, MA


Anonymous said...

Respected «Cookie Lady»! You are well done, have made good gifts to your loved ones!
I want to learn how to sew and buy a sewing machine to also make friends and relatives happy with such gifts!

Anna S., Russia, kozlova.kozlova87@mail.ru

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

I agree Anna, she is wonderful!