California Bag!

This is one for the books, see conversation below. I'm so glad we were finally able to send CC some bags! And, she send us a photo of one of the bags with her adorable mother! YAY! Teresa
Dec 29, 2010
Me: Congrats, you have won one of the Amy Butler freebie bags. An email was sent by my father and you have not responded. Please respond immediately if you get this, we would like to mail the
bag to you! Teresa 


May 12, 2018
CC: Oh dear... I*m going through my emails in a digital decluttering project and found this email!! 
8 years later. Is it too late? ;-) I am joking. I know I:m WAY Late. LOL.  But, it is Great that it:s your 10th year!!! Wow. Most, about 99 percent of the links that I:m clicking on from older emails, just to see if they are still up, are not! So glad yours is! You're making a great contribution to the earth!

Me:  Ha! This is hilarious! Um, yes, a bit late. We don’t have those bags around anymore. However, my dad may take pity on you and mail you a different bag if you like. Thanks for reaching out anyway. :) Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Teresa

Bagette Dad: This is truly bizarre, but yes I will send you a bag. I do all the mailing now. Happy Mothers Day.

CC: That is SO sweet! Thanks Bagette Dad! Yes, sorry, bizarre. I have this email for newsletters and such and I guess I just missed it until last night. I am currently going through all my stuff, physical and digital and letting go/releasing/decluttering things I do not use. Trying to get on the minimalist bandwagon. And came across your email. I have to say CONGRATS to you guys! The other old emails I:m going through from 10 years ago, the newsletters are not around anymore , not even the site is up. That is a testament to the great work you all are doing. I will be very proud to use your bag and to tell people about you!

Mountain View, CA


Kellie said...

I love this! Yay for Bagette Dad!

Sherri I said...

Kudos to All involved! Wonderful that you are going strong 10 years later. And great that you all honored CC's winning! Go Bagette Dad, Teresa and the rest of the Bagette Ladies!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

I agree Kellie!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Thanks Sherri, such sweet words! :)