Margriet is an amazing chapter coordinator in Holland. She plans wonderful events and has made some great signage too. I love all the little details she uses. Thanks Margriet! Everything looks great, keep up the wonderful work! HUGS! Teresa
Ha Teresa,

The translation (on the poster above) is : Let us do it, we change the world , one bag at a time

I use this poster by local events, scholarship and open days community center

Last Sunday there was a local event in Tilburg, I was there with the Green Bag Lady in our  design shop (kunstlicht)
and  in 3 other shops en 1 stall we use the same  poster to publicize The Green bag lady in Tilburg. Its going very well, I met there  by chance, two enthusiastic ladys from Texel, that was very nice, they promise me to make pictures from this local event and send it to me. When I have pictures, I send it to you.

National Geographic declared the month of June to the “stop met Plastic” month, they asked people not to buy 6 plastic products : plastic bags , bottles, cups, straws, cotton swabs and cutlery. Every Monday evening the television has a program about this, I like that kind of initiatives.

Margriet Palm
Ha Teresa,

Green Bag Lady by  the open day in our community center "Boomtak "in Tilburg  on whit Monday (may 21)



harmony said...

WONDERFUL!!! Green Bag Ladies around the world making change happen!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Yes! So excited about all of it Harmony! :)