Photo Finish Friday

It's always nice to wave hello to the ocean.
Cooks Beach, Gualala, CA
Oh Mother Earth and the creatures that live on you.

Lovely little things.


Rewatching this with Little Girl and forgot how hilarious it is!

About 1/2 through reading this for book club.

I've been adding patches (including this one) to my travel backpack. Clearly I'm still a kid.

Little Girl and I are enjoying being with Harmony in California and working at art camp. Week one is done and went well! We are doing an Asian theme this year which is super fun. I'll share the activities we have done next week. :) Have a great one! Teresa


harmony said...

YAHOOOOOOOO!!!! Soooooooo happy you are here! Thanks for ALL the help with the Summer Adventure Camp.

Jack Suzen said...

Incredibly beautiful pictures! It's really an absolute delight to watch your clicks. Some are breathtaking.

Thanks for sharing!
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