Photo Finish Friday

Anchor Bay Beach, CA
These had me at cherry.

I'm a big fan of "stuff" in my ice cream so this!

But this for dinner first.

Pretty cool.

Some are too hilarious.

Always salted.

Cheers to a great weekend! I'm still catching up from 2 weeks in California visiting Harmony.  Yes, I know I need to post more photos of my time there. Will happen. I'm enjoying these last weeks of summer. I can't believe it will be August soon. Bagette Dad turns older on Monday and hubby turns 50 on Tuesday! Happy happy! Pizza party tomorrow night for hubby. XOXO--Teresa

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harmony said...

Next time you come will you make me that ice cream? YUMMMMMMY looking!!! What fun we had! Thanks for ALL you are and do for me and the world!