Natural Grocers Events

We had a 2 great events last week at Natural Grocers to help them celebrate their 62nd anniversary. I was thrilled to be asked to be at 2 of their stores. It was so fun and we got the meet the sweetest people. Seriously, if you need some love in your life, I recommend hanging out at a health food store, the people are great!

Bagette Carolyn and I were at the Highlands Ranch store at noon. It was pretty toasty in the sun but we gave away 150 bags anyway!

 And met some great people who loved picking out bags!

In the afternoon, I headed to the store that is near my house. Bagettes Debbie and Marci helped out. This store was a zoo! It was packed and we were swamped immediately.

 This couple was so cute. Married 62 years! Adorable.
Thanks for having us Natural Grocers! We had a blast! :) Teresa

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harmony said...

Rock on! I know someone who LOVES grocery stores! If I ever make it to your hometown it's on my must visit list!