Photo Finish Friday

One last photo of our plane ride over Denali. The turquoise pools of water on the glaciers were fascinating.
This is why they are so blue.
What cool quilts!


Whoa, what a cool house. 

For back to school. The leather strap!

Creepy or cool??


This week has been nuts. I feel like I have hit the ground running upon our return from Alaska. My kids started school yesterday and I did 2 Green Bag Lady events giving away 300 bags. And, I have my cousin and his wife here visiting, and, hosting dinner tonight. Big Girl comes in at the airport tomorrow night after moving in at the University of Minnesota. Wow. I need some down time! Maybe I'll get some on Sunday. Maybe… Teresa

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harmony said...

Yowza! Hope you get a chance to catch your breath! That blue ice is so neat looking. Cheers to the new school year! Hope it is a great one for everyone!