Photo Finish Friday

My friends and I in Vail last weekend. Happy 50th birthday Leslie! (green coat)

Puzzle that Big Girl would love.

WOW! These are incredible!

YAY! (thanks Harmony)

I taught analog photography for over 15 years. These are beautiful.

SO many of these I need to try! I see one is insta-pot, anyone own? Thoughts?

I mean, I do have a cast iron skillet and all…

So, I jumped on the podcast train yesterday (finally!) and listening to Serial. Any recs??

Hubby and I are traveling up to Steamboat Springs tomorrow looking at some land and such. We love the area and want to spend more time there.  Sunday I'm heading to Fort Collins for a baby shower of my dear friend, and former Belmont colleague, Jes. So excited for her and her hubby to welcome a baby girl in November. Lots of driving this weekend. Good thing I got lots of sewing done earlier in the week, in particular bags for a fun 50K freebie celebration! Have a great one! XOXO--Teresa

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harmony said...

Podcast suggestions: Radio Lab, This American Life, Invisibilia, The Moth