Workday Wednesday

I've been knocking out some special orders in my sewing room. A real estate agent in my neighborhood requested zip pouches with house fabric. She is putting notepads and pens in them to help promote her business. I thought it was such a cute idea! Of course, I had fun utilizing house theme fabric.
I also made a bunch of things for Harmony. When I was visiting this summer we made a list of things she wanted. I'll make anything for that sweet girl! On the top of the list was this custom pouch for her keys and wallet items.
She wanted more than one pocket on the inside so she could put change in and be able to find it. I hadn't done that before but it turned out great so one pocket has velcro for change and the other side is for cash and cards.
 And, because there are reader glasses when we age…

This makeup bag is for our artist friend Sue. I actually met Sue before I even met Harmony in person.  Sue and her husband Karl picked me up at the airport and drove me up to Gualala for my first visit there. Seems like forever ago! Sue and Harmony collaborated on the design of this fabric (bottom of page). I love it!
Sue with her bag.
And, at Harmony's urging I made several sets of sheets. Some for her and some for me! Her kitty is enjoying the ones on her bed.
I've said it before and I'll say it again, I LOVE sewing with Harmony's fabric. It is truly a pleasure and the feel of the cotton sateen is amazing. To top it off, most of her fabric comes in 110" width which is perfect for sheets (even king size!), quilt backs, etc. Happy making! Teresa


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MissesStitches said...

I'm thinking of making sheets with Harmony's fabric, too. . . .
Sue is a real kick, isn't she.
Love, love sewing with Harmony's fabric, too.
And I love that new "random" fabric design, too.