Photo Finish Friday

We had snow on Halloween this year. It was nearly melted by 3pm but it sure was pretty!
I could go for these.

I'm not super into pumpkin spice but this looks amazing.


Please make sure you VOTE! If no other issue compels you, vote to protect Mother Earth!

Talk about upcycling. WOW!

Met Wendy from this organization this week. Hope to team up on lots of school visits this spring!

I'm listening to the left over snow melt as I write this. I love that sound. Water. It's all about water here in thirsty Colorado. We will take what we can get! Hubby and Little Man are hunting this weekend so I'm sure Little Girl and I will curl up and watch some Bones. I've previously watched most of the seasons but happy to start over. I'll be doing a craft sale at Chatfield High School tomorrow 9-3 if you are in the area come say hi! How about you? Have a lovely weekend. XOXO--Teresa

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