UPDATE: UNITED KINGDOM Shoebox Bagettes Chapter

Look at these great bags coming out of the UK! Anyone in the UK have fabric they would be willing to donate to this great cause? Jo is in need and would love to hear from you. The Facebook Page for this group is HERE, or you can contact me and I'll put you in touch with Jo. Keep up the great work Jo and all the UK Shoebox Bagettes. You are impacting so many children with these wonderful boxes--Teresa
Dear Teresa and David

Just wanted to give you the numbers I used for this year's shoeboxes:


And here's a photo of them.  I make the handles longer so that the girls can carry them on their shoulders.  I thought the boys would be more likely to use them if I made them with strings like backpacks rather than handles. Fabric continues to be an issue for me but a friend gave me the purple floral.  I found the black in a remnant basket at a fabric shop and the navy stripe at a scrap store.

Best wishes,

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