Photo Finish Friday

My kiddos, 10 years ago. I can't believe that Big Girl turns 20 tomorrow!
Little Girl will turn 17 at the beginning of Jan and that little guy there is now taller than me and 14.
Seems like yesterday when they were this little and so excited about Santa.
Time truly does fly when you are having fun!
AWESOME! And, looks promising. (thanks Harmony!)

Oh Mother Earth how lovely you are.

I'd love to try this on cheese and crackers!

I got my mother-in-law this mug. It will make her tea even more fun!

I'm glad I can eat romaine again. It's my fav veg so that was rough!

I was reminded this week by Marianne of my love for this video.

Not a fan.

A busy weekend ahead. I have tennis in a bit here and then a lunch with some ladies. Tomorrow Little Man has a volleyball tourney and we plan to travel to Steamboat Springs on Sunday. At least I'm done with Christmas shopping and did all my wrapping on Wednesday. YAY! How about you? Last minute shopping? Holiday parties? Do tell. XOXO--Teresa

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harmony said...


wow... they do grow up quickly don't they?! I think this photo is from around the time I met them for the first time. :)

I agree about the "color of the year"... not a fan.