Last Sunday

I meet with my volunteer Bagettes here in Colorado every other Sunday afternoon. We are always so busy making bags that I forget to take photos. I finally remembered this past Sunday!

Bagettes Teresa, Loretta (who is 94!!!!!) and Carolyn all cutting handles…
 Bagettes Lori, Jackie and Debbie ironing the tops of bags, putting on labels and marking handles…
 Bagette Jackie's Granddaughter (age 12!!!) is stuffing pet beds, Tami (ironing) and Steph.
 Tami and Steph…
This is Steph, Nanna and Danny. THREE generations! Steph is Danny's daughter and Nanna is Danny's mom. They are all pulling tags off fabric samples. Steph is developmentally disabled, but is an amazing helper and LOVES to come to Green Bag Lady. She also loves to hand out bags and tell everyone about her hard work.
This is what I adore about this project. It brings together so many people of varying ages and abilities. I can find tasks for everyone. Jackie's granddaughter had a ball stuffing pet beds. I told her she could take them to shelters or rescues too. She is going to do some research on local animal charities for donating. Would you like to start a chapter where you live? We now have 55 locations of Green Bag Lady all over the world. Join us! It's so much fun. :) Teresa

PS, I was contacted last week by a teen in Georgia who is starting a chapter. Any age is great and I can get fabric sent to you if you need it.

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