Photo Finish Friday

I was going through old files and found this gem. I posted this photo 9 years ago.
Look at Little Man! How cute. I truly can't believe he used to be this bitty.
He's taller than me now! Awww, I miss loving on this tiny guy.

Need to make these.

I may be falling hard for these tiles. Bath upgrade? Have these in kids bath.

Might be the cutest thing ever.

My new fav clothing company, ORGANIC! Items run small in case you want to order something. Maybe order one size up. FYI. These are my new fav jammies, only $12!

Natural eye candy.

Do you have a long weekend for MLK? We do. Thinking of getting out of town for a bit but have to juggle kid schedules first. We are going to get hit with flurries later this afternoon so maybe some snowshoeing is in order! Have a great one! XOXO--Teresa


harmony said...

Cutest. Picture. Ever!
Hey... I think I turned you on to Pact? no? :)

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

I know!

And yes you did (Pact!)