Photo Finish Friday

We spent last weekend up at our cabin. I can't help but take walks and
photograph the beauty that surrounds me. Can't wait to go back!
Clearly I need to make this and this. Maybe even stack them together!

I heart book art.

Love what she says about ceilings.

Finished this book and loved it. Have you read it? Bookclub discussion last night.

Also finished this book recently. I'm a fan.

I probably need this mug. Oh, and I have this and love love love it. Makes my mornings so happy.

Deep breath. Make a list. Things I do when I feel like I have a lot on my plate. The calendar squares are filling up for the next few months and it makes me kinda crazy. I like being busy but not TOO busy if you know what I mean. Hopefully I can cross some things off that list this weekend. Have a lovely one. It is quite white outside here! XOXO--Teresa

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