Photo Finish Friday

My neighborhood! (taken from the passenger seat of a moving car…)
Yes, yes, and yes. (thanks Harmony!)

Very cool. (also thanks to Harmony!)

Fascinating. I would NOT want to do it though!

Hilarious + Reduce Waste = Genius

I love this idea. I should find some of my mom's handwriting.

I've been enjoying this podcast while I sew. These wireless headphones I got for Christmas are amazing. Please share your fav podcasts with me!

I'm off to a tennis lesson. Little Man has volleyball tonight. Working in my sewing room tomorrow, some fun projects I'll share with you soon. Wishing we were going to the cabin this weekend. Ah well. Hope you are staying warm! It's pretty chilly in some parts of the world. Big Girl is rethinking her decision to attend the University of Minnesota! XOXO--Teresa

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