UPDATE: NEW YORK--Syracuse Area Chapter

Look at these awesome bags that Margaret is making. They are so very cute! The patchwork is amazing and tedious but she is doing such a great job with them. I know that the kids she is giving them to love them and enjoy seeing all the different fabrics sewn together. 150 bags! You SEW Margaret, we heart you! Teresa

I'm really enjoying the smiles on people's faces when I explain your mission. I have enough fabric right now to keep me in bags for another month or two.  The Deruyter school kids'  (library book) bags are made from 18 6 inch squares sewn together...a former home & careers teacher left 100s of them behind, so I am using them up slowly but surely. She also had dozens of 16" squares (pillow backs I guess) which I occasionally use. I can't abide the thought of fabric in a landfill.

150 and counting. Each bag is truly unique.  

Syracuse Area Chapter Coordinator
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