UPDATE: Washington Chapter

How great are all these bags coming out of the Washington Chapter? So fabulous! I love the look of the burlap bags especially with one side being fabric. Way to go ladies! Keep up the awesome work in the Pacific Northwest. :) Teresa

Hi Teresa,

Susan, Pam, and I met at my condo in Woodinville and had a productive morning working on GBL bags. Afterward, we went to the Twisted Cuban Restaurant close by for lunch.  The 3 bags made from burlap coffee bean bags are from the owner of a local coffee and bakery shop.

Pam's brother just retired from the NC Symphony Orchestra, and I made him a couple GBL bags out of t-shirts that Pam gave me. Her brother, Marshall, designed the shirts. Here is a photo of the 2 bags and a photo of Marshall with the bag.

Bagette Barbara
Washington Chapter

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