More Germany

My favorite part of the trip to Germany was meeting all the Bagettes. They were all as sweet and wonderful as I imagined they would be, every one of them was absolutely darling. 

From left to right: Audrey (Berlin), Marianne (Tilburg), Dieuwertje (Oost-Nederland), me, Ingeborg (Oost-Nederland), Margriet (Tilburg) and Greta (Tilburg). Greta's husband was there too and did an amazing job taking photos and videos for all of us. What a great guy!
And, my friend Alicia (below, middle) who was one of my Bagettes in Nashville came too! She lives in Holland now and showed up a bit later so was not in the photo above. It was SO great to see her and connect her to some of the Holland Bagettes.
Look at this great tote that Marianne made! She used scraps and did hand embroidery around them. I just love it and may need to make something similar.
 She also gave me these great dutch fabric bags. Adorable!
She puts little tags on the bags she makes so she can identify them if she sees people carrying them, great idea!
She also upcycles lanyards as handles, even keeping the clip intact to use for attaching keys, etc, Love this idea!
I gave one of the bags to Alicia and she is using it already! I also gave Alicia one of the bags I made out of Amy Butler fabric to use for all her shopping.
Ingeborg made me this groovy tie dye bag, what's not to love?

 And some Dutch cheese to put inside it! Yum!
 Margriet gave me this cool sandwich roll. Just throw in washer or wipe clean! From here.
And, Alicia knows about my obsession with tiny bowls and brought me this Dutch beauty. She is now hanging out in my closet holding jewelry in the company of other tiny bowls. :)
All in all, such a great trip meeting so many amazing people. I heart you all! Teresa

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