Photo Finish Friday

Mash up of photos from the Cologne Cathedral, Germany. Gorgeous. My favorite are the mosaic floors!
Way to go NY!

Oh my!

I sure hope so.

Mama Earth fun facts.

I need to do this, especially for my youngest…

Yes, she was found. My kids were out of school on Wednesday. Sigh.

So sad about Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. I was there many years ago as a student. So many years, so much labor, so much history, all up in smoke. Ugh.

Easter weekend is here. What are you plans? We didn't really have any so I started asking around to see who could come for dinner. We now have 15 friends and family coming over. Everyone is bringing something so I don't have to make a huge meal myself. Kids and I will dye eggs too which I love doing. If you celebrate Easter, have a lovely one! See you back here Monday. XOXO--Teresa

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