Texas Bag!

Hi, Teresa!

Just wanted to send my photo using my FREE GBL (Green Bag Lady) bag taken yesterday at my favorite local HEB grocery store (as requested by your Dad - Bag #60539).

I love my bag.  It's so cheerful and I will definitely use it.  I've also sent all of your information to a group of 4H girls who have been learning to make quilts, and I thought this would be a great eco project for them to do.  I sent them your links, FB page, video, pattern, instructions, to make it easy for them.  If they follow through, I'll get pics to you.

I apologize for the not so good photo.  I asked a lady on my way out the door to take my pic and she didn't do so well, and said she was in a hurry.  I was also in a little hurry, so let it go.

Thanks again,
Robin Rodriquez
Huntsville TX

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