Photo Finish Friday

We got snow again here this week. 6 inches! Gah. I mean, I know we need the water and all but it feels
more like January here than May! The kids are out of school now, let summer begin!
I love the sun shining through the frost on the trees in Steamboat. :)
Pluto may have an ocean.

I need to do this for Little Girl's grad party next year.

This looks super yummy.

These are so cool. Wouldn't mind one or two on my walls!

Wow. Little Man would love this. Have to file it away for his next birthday.

These are so cute and remind me of Bagette Dad. I should probably start crafting now?

The girls and I are headed to Philadelphia today, leaving the boys behind. Big Girl has an internship there for the summer and we are helping her get settled. I haven't been to The City of Brotherly Love since I was a kid. Looking forward to saying hey to the Liberty Bell and reenacting scenes from National Treasure. Enjoy a good long Memorial Day weekend. I'll be back here Tuesday. XOXO--Teresa

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